Photo by: Caitlyn O'Neil


I grew up in Northern Virginia filling up sketchbooks full of drawings and ideas. Now, I have the privilege of bringing your ideas and many more to life!

I am a full-time photographer & graphic-designer in Portland, Oregon and work with families, couples, non-profits and businesses, telling stories through visuals - and I absolutely love it! I gravitate towards warm natural light and can't help but make people smile on and off the camera. I love traveling and have yet to explore all the beauty here in the northwest. My favorite second-shooter and assistant is also my wife Kandice - we just got married August 11, 2018!

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Why Photography?


We'd line up in some sketchy corner of Sears and nobody wanted to be there, including the photographer! I'm grateful that now I have the opportunity to create an enjoyable experience for couples, families and individuals and at an affordable price. I know that sounds telemarketer-like but I don't think portraits should be a luxury for a select few. I love that at a fundamental level I'm capturing love. Families love each other so much and portraits can be a great gift and reminder of that love. Couples have made the decision to spend the rest of their lives with each other and I get to play a part in that celebration. Even seniors are loved so much, parents want to capture them at this transition period of their life and share them with every fridge they can. 

If you couldn't already tell, I have a big heart for families!

I have five insanely talented siblings and a very supportive family in Virginia that I love very much. Even though they are far away, I have been blessed with great friends here in Portland and have grown fond of the food, coffee and colors of Portland!






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I've had the pleasure of working with the following businesses & Non-profits: